Introducing Intertraff’s VMMR Software

Unlocking the power of deep learning, Intertraff proudly presents our Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) software—a game-changer in the realm of vehicle identification.
In the world of automobiles, every vehicle has a unique identity defined by its make and model. The make represents the manufacturer or company behind the vehicle, while the model signifies the specific version or variant produced by that manufacturer.
Our VMMR software harnesses the latest in deep learning technology to accurately recognize vehicle make and model from images. With access to a vast database of 13 million images, encompassing around 200 makes and 2000 models, our software delivers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.
Whether it’s a Toyota, Ford, BMW, or Honda, our software can swiftly identify the make of a vehicle with precision. But we don’t stop there—our software goes the extra mile by recognizing the specific model within each make. From Corolla to Prius, our VMMR software leaves no stone unturned in identifying the intricate details that make each vehicle unique.
But that’s not all—our VMMR software is now available as a cloud service, allowing you to experience its capabilities firsthand. Simply visit our website and upload an image of a vehicle to test our software at no cost. Witness the power of VMMR as it effortlessly identifies the make and model of any vehicle.
But the journey doesn’t end here. We’re continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, and we’re excited to announce that we’re currently working on a new version of our VMMR software that can be executed at the edge. Stay tuned for further updates and news about our products as we strive to make vehicle identification smarter and more accessible than ever before.

Interested in experiencing the future of vehicle identification? Test our VMMR software for free at and share your thoughts with us!