Vehicle Make and Model Recognition

Docs, tools and libraries for vehicle make and model recognition

Key Features
> Both cloud-based and edge-based versions are available
> Recognizes over 200 vehicle brands and 1800 different models
> High-accuracy deep learning algorithm
> Easy-to-use SDK for system integrators

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Product Information

Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR)
Intertraff Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR) is a deep learning based software that recognizes vehicle brand and model by using images.

A vehicle make and model refers to the specific brand and design of a car. For example, a Toyota Yaris is a specific make and model of a car. Toyota is the make, and Yaris is the model. A make is the manufacturer of the car, while a model is a specific type of car produced by that manufacturer
Our software is capable of recognizing more than 200 vehicle brands and over 1800 different vehicle models with great accuracy. It is designed to provide system integrators with a robust and easy-to-use SDK to integrate our technology into their software applications.

Intertraff VMMR SDK contains the following elements:
– Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (DLL)
– Functions library (Visual Studio 2017, C#, c++, and Delphi 10.3)
– Tutorial and sample programs source code

The Engine can be installed on Windows 10 x64bit O/S. It requires either Intel 64-bit CPU, Intel GPU and/or NVidia GPU that supports CUDA version 11 or higher.

Typical applications of the Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Software:
Toll Systems: Our software can assist toll systems by accurately identifying the make and model of vehicles, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of toll transactions.
Traffic Safety and Surveillance Systems: The software can be integrated into traffic safety and surveillance systems to improve road safety by quickly identifying vehicles that have been reported stolen or involved in a crime.
Law Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies can use our software to quickly identify suspects and make arrests. The technology can also assist officers in verifying the validity of a vehicle’s registration and insurance.
Entrance and Parking Systems: The software can be integrated into entrance and parking systems to automate the process of identifying and tracking vehicles. This can improve security and make the parking process more efficient.
Smart Cities: Our software can be integrated into smart city initiatives to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, and make the roads safer for everyone.

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