License plate recognition camera

Key Features:
> Embedded ANPR/LPR software
> Stand-alone 1.3 / 3.1 / 9.0 / 12 Megapixel camera
> Global Shutter sensors
> Mono & Colour Overview camera in the same housin5
> 30 FPS
> Capturing distance: up to 50 meters
> Vehicles max speed: 250 km/h
> Suitable for monitoring multiple lanes of traffic
> 4 High power LEDs, Wavelength 850 nm
> White LED option
> 4 cores PC running MS Windows 10
> 64 GB solid disk state
> opto-isolated solid-state relay for barrier operation
> Working Temp: -25°C / +60° C
> IP66 rating

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Product Information

SuperWalzCAM is a standalone, rugged vehicle license plate recognition camera that combines ANPR/LPR software, a camera, lens, lighting, filter, housing, bracketry, and an opto-isolated solid-state relay for barrier operation into a single calibrated and tested unit. It can be used to monitor multiple lanes and, as an option, a second overview camera can be installed in the same housing.

SuperWalzCAM can handle speeds from 1 to 250 km/h and distances up to 50 meters, making it ideal for applications ranging from parking to high-speed traffic monitoring. The embedded plate recognition software runs on Microsoft Windows 10 and uses a solid-state hard disk drive (64 GB) for storing information. Larger hard disk drives can be installed upon request.

Despite its compact size, SuperWalzCAM is extremely robust and can monitor from one to multiple lanes of traffic, depending on the size of the sensor installed. It is designed to provide reliable operation in all weather conditions, including harsh environments such as the Middle East. The working temperature range for SuperWalzCAM extends from -25°C to 60°C.

Each unit includes:
– a monochrome HD camera module with a lens and optical band-pass filter;
– a secondary color overview camera and lens (which can be installed as an option);
– four high-power infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to compensate for sunlight and vehicle headlights;
– an embedded PC running Microsoft Windows 10;
– a 64 GB solid-state hard disk drive;
– a power supply unit;
– a wall-mount bracket.

The camera can also be provided with white light LEDs for recording the color of plates 24/7. The unit is environmentally sealed to IP66 to protect against all weather conditions.

SuperWalzCAM ANPR/LPR camera is a valuable solution for a wide range of applications, including:
– Law enforcement: to quickly identify vehicles associated with criminal activity, speeding, and stolen vehicles;
– Toll road management: to automatically identify vehicles and charge tolls, reducing manual labor and speeding up toll collection processes;
– Parking management: to automate the process of assigning parking spaces, detecting parking violations, and enforcing parking regulations;
– Traffic analysis: to collect data on vehicle movement patterns, such as origin, destination, and travel times, which can be used to improve traffic management and reduce congestion;
– Security: to secure access to restricted areas, such as gated communities, airports, and government facilities, by automatically verifying the identity of vehicles;
– Border control: to automatically verify the identity of vehicles crossing national borders, reducing wait times and enhancing security.
– Fleet management: to monitor the movements of commercial fleets, such as delivery trucks, and improve the efficiency of fleet management operations;
– Low Emission Zone (LEZ): to enforce compliance with low emission standards and improve air quality by controlling access to certain areas based on the emissions of vehicles.


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