D-cop mobile

Portable speed camera

Key Features:
> One or two global shutter 12 MPX cameras
> Multi-tracking radar, OIML certified
> Multiple lane monitoring
> Multiple types of violations (SP, TG, HS, WL)
> Configuration via Wireless LAN
> Violation Images are encrypted using DES
> Battery autonomy: +15 hours
> Battery installed inside the housing
> System is totally cable-less
> Operating temperatures -25º +60ºC
> Compact ( 19 x 27 x 12 cm) and light-weight (4 kg)

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Product Information

Intertraff has inaugurated a new class of portable speed camera, named D-cop Mobile. CNC-machined from a solid aluminum alloy and satin anodized in various colors to prevent scratching, D-cop is light and compact, featuring a magnetically attached side door for quick and easy lens adjustment.

D-cop Mobile is a flexible speed enforcement system for both tripod and in-vehicle mounting, capable of capturing accurate violation images across multiple lanes of traffic. Unlike laser guns, which can only detect one vehicle at a time, D-cop Mobile uses radar technology to accurately determine vehicle speed, range, and target information, offering lane-specific speed enforcement and simultaneous offense capture over multiple lanes of traffic. The system is capable of enforcing two separate speed limits, one for trucks and another for standard vehicles. In addition, it can monitor other types of violations such as tailgating, vehicles using the hard shoulder and trucks driving on the  wrong lane.

The data captured by the D-cop system is encrypted in compliance with Triple DES or AES 12 standards, providing secure evidence for conviction cases as the data cannot be altered by unauthorized operators. D-cop is available with a color or monochrome megapixel camera, with a choice of lenses and visible or infrared illumination to capture violations at night.

Designed to work in harsh weather conditions, D-cop has been tested in extreme environments and performs without fail.
Its industrial-grade components perform perfectly without the requirement of heaters or fans, and provide a combination of zero maintenance and low power consumption which allows the system to work at -25º +60ºC.

D-cop is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an internal microprocessor to extend performance and protect cells from overcharging. The battery uses an innovative fast-charging method, reaching 60% in under an hour, and providing 15 hours of continuous power. The battery is installed inside the housing.

Setup and configuration of D-cop Mobile is easy, as the system is cableless, and can be controlled by police operators using a laptop or tablet via Wi-Fi. The software interface is user-friendly and available in English or Arabic, with plain language navigation terms and help files for reference. Violations can be immediately displayed using the Violation Gallery, while infringement processing is carried out using Copland, an intuitive management software.

No site calibration is required, and operator errors cannot lead to false measurements. Once set up and configured, D-cop can operate without manual intervention.


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