D-cop 3

More than a speed camera for 3 lanes

Key Features:> One 9 MPX camera> OIML-certified multi-tracking radar> Monitors 3 lanes of traffic on both directions> Detects and records several types of violations (SP, TG, HS, WL)> LPR and VMM processing “at the edge”> Violations fully encrypted using DES 128-bit> Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C> IP66 rating> No additional cabinet required



Product Information
D-Cop 3 is a fixed camera system that is specifically designed to enforce traffic violations across three lanes of traffic. The system is equipped with a 9 Megapixel colour camera and a white light LED panel to illuminate vehicles at night. As an option, D-Cop 3 can be provided with a monochrome camera and an IR illuminator.The D-Cop 3 internal hard disk can store up to 500 GB of data, which can accommodate approximately 400,000 violations.The D-cop system uses an OIML-certified multi-tracking radar to detect various traffic violations, including:– Speed violations– Tailgating– Use of the hard shoulder by vehicles– Trucks driving on the wrong lane.Additionally, the system can enforce separate speed limits for trucks and standard vehicles.D-cop 3 is also equipped with a LPR software and can also execute our Vehicle Make and Model libraries “at the edge”.Violations recorded by the D-cop 3 are efficiently transmitted to the back-office software through various communication links, such as Internet, wireless LAN, WAN, or others that utilize standard TCP/IP protocols. Data protection is considered of prime importance. D-cop uses robust encryption methods, like 128-bit encryption coding, commonly employed by leading financial institutions to secure the violation data. This encryption process transforms the images into encrypted data, making it unreadable to unauthorized personnel, ensuring that the violation data remains tamper-proof.

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