D-Cop Speed Enforcement Camera in RAK, UAE

+40 meters horizontal field of view
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Case Study: Implementing the D-Cop Speed Enforcement Camera in RAK, UAE IntroductionSpeeding and tailgating are two of the most common causes of road accidents in the UAE. To address this issue, the RAK Police decided to install the D-Cop speed enforcement camera in the middle of a six-lane road to monitor and enforce compliance 24/7.ImplementationThe D-Cop speed enforcement camera was installed in the middle of the road, with two sensors - one monitoring three lanes on the right and the other monitoring the other three lanes on the left. Each lane has a width of 3.6 meters and there is a 20-meter wide island in the middle of the six lanes. The horizontal field of view that the system must monitor is equal to 40 meters, which would typically require the installation of two separate cameras. However, the D-Cop was able to cover the entire road, offering significant cost savings to the customer.AdvantagesOne of the key advantages of the D-Cop speed enforcement camera is that it is powered by a solar panel, making it an off-the-grid solution. This not only offers cost savings but also reduces the environmental impact of the system. In addition, the D-Cop offers the Police real-time data and analysis, allowing them to make informed decisions about road safety.OutcomeSince its installation, the D-Cop speed enforcement camera has been successful in reducing speed and tailgate infringements on the road, resulting in improved road safety for all drivers. The camera has been well-received by the local community and has been instrumental in achieving its goals.ConclusionThe implementation of the D-Cop speed enforcement camera in RAK has proven to be an effective solution in improving road safety by reducing speed and tailgate infringements. Its ability to cover the entire road with one system and its off-the-grid power source offer significant cost savings and environmental benefits. The RAK municipality will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the D-Cop and take further steps to improve road safety in the region.