Exciting News from Intertraffic Amsterdam!

We’re thrilled to announce that our DDS Camera, a cutting-edge distracted driving solution, has been spotlighted in the Intertraffic Amsterdam Official Preview Magazine!
The Intertraff DDS Camera is engineered to combat the critical issue of distracted driving. It’s not just a camera; it’s a vital tool in ensuring road safety by providing prosecutable evidence against unsafe driving practices. Here’s what makes our DDS Camera stand out:
Driver and Passenger Safety: It detects drivers and front-seat passengers not wearing seat belts and identifies mobile phone use while driving.
Advanced Recognition: Beyond safety monitoring, the camera excels in reading license plates and determining the make and model of vehicles.
Sophisticated Technology: Capable of measuring vehicle speed and counting front-seat occupants, our camera operates reliably in any condition – day, night, and through all weather scenarios.
Effortless Installation: Designed to be lightweight and compact, it’s a breeze to install on existing structures like gantries or traffic light poles, simplifying the process by forgoing the need for separate IR illuminators for each lane.
Adaptability: Whether it’s reflective or non-reflective license plates, our camera adapts without any hardware modifications – a boon for regions with a high prevalence of tinted windshields.
Impact on Road Safety: With mobile phone usage and driver distraction being significant contributors to road accidents, our technology is a step forward in fostering a culture of responsibility and awareness on the roads.
We’re on a mission to make our roads safer, and our presence at Intertraffic Amsterdam underscores our commitment. Come visit us at Stand 01.504 and see firsthand how we’re paving the way for safer roadways with our technologies.
Let’s drive the change towards safer roads together!