Exciting News from INTERTRAFF: Enhancing Road Safety with Low-Speed Enforcement Technology!

We’re excited to unveil a major upgrade to our enforcement camera technology at INTERTRAFF! Since last year, we’ve integrated a cutting-edge low-speed feature into all our enforcement cameras, significantly enhancing road safety and efficiency.

This enhancement complements the new minimum speed limit introduced along a 62-kilometer stretch of the four-lane Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in the Emirates in April 2023. Effective since May 1, 2023, this innovative strategy involves fining motorists who fail to comply with the new regulations, ensuring that slower-moving vehicles use the right-hand lanes, as the United Arab Emirates is a left-hand drive region. This strategic initiative promotes smoother traffic flow, allowing faster vehicles to use the motorway’s left lanes unimpeded. The introduction of this minimum speed limit is more than just a policy update—it’s a commitment to enhancing road safety and optimizing traffic circulation. It encourages drivers of slower vehicles to use the correct lanes, improving the overall driving experience for all road users.

At INTERTRAFF, we’re proud to lead this initiative, showcasing our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and enhancing road safety. This development is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our continuous effort to create safer, more efficient roadways for everyone.

Together, we’re driving towards a safer future!

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