Driving Safety Forward: INTERTRAFF’s Distracted Driving Solution (DDS) Makes Roads Safer in Sharjah, UAE!

We’re delighted to announce the successful installation of our latest Distracted Driving Solution (DDS) camera in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates! At Intertraff, we’re committed to enhancing road safety and driving innovation in traffic management.

**What’s the DDS Camera?**
Our DDS camera is engineered to ensure that drivers and passengers adhere to crucial safety measures. It meticulously checks whether seat belts are fastened and monitors if drivers are using mobile phones while driving – pivotal steps towards preventing road accidents.

**Installation in Sharjah**
By introducing this technology in Sharjah, we’re taking a significant step towards our commitment to promote road safety. This installation is a testament to our ongoing efforts to collaborate with local authorities and stakeholders in the UAE to create safer roads for everyone.

**Our Commitment**
At Intertraff, we believe in technology’s power to make a tangible difference in our lives. Our dedication to road safety is unwavering, and we’re proud to contribute to reducing distractions and enhancing the safety of road users.

**Let’s Connect**
We’re excited about this journey towards safer roads and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Connect with us to stay updated on our innovative solutions and join us in our mission to make roads safer for everyone!