D-cop 3 Tested for Accuracy

We are thrilled to announce that the D-cop 3 speed enforcement system has undergone rigorous testing to evaluate its accuracy in measuring vehicle speeds.

The testing was conducted on a speed track located in Pratica di Mare, Italy. The aim was to assess the system’s reliability and ensure it meets the highest standards of speed measurement technology.
The testing process was carried out by the certified laboratory LAMI (Laboratory of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio), an accredited Calibration Laboratory. The laboratory issued a certificate in compliance with the accreditation LAT N° 105, granted in accordance with Italian Law No. 273/1991, which established the National Calibration System. This certification ensures the accuracy and reliability of the speed enforcement system.
One of the key highlights of the testing was the comprehensive evaluation of the D-cop 3 camera’s performance across a wide range of speeds. The system was tested at speeds ranging from 20 km/h to 250 km/h, covering both traffic directions (receiving and approaching). We are proud to report that the mean relative deviation between the speed measured by the D-cop 3 and the reference speed was an outstanding 0.08%. This demonstrates the exceptional precision and reliability of the system in accurately capturing vehicle speeds.
The calibration and measurement capability of the LAMI has been attested by ACCREDIA, ensuring the metrological competence of the center and the traceability of calibration results to national and international standards of the International System of Units (SI).
At Intertraff, we remain committed to delivering cutting-edge technology that upholds the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. The successful testing of the D-cop 3 speed enforcement system reaffirms our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions for efficient speed monitoring and traffic safety.


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