Comprehensive Analysis of Automatic License Plate Recognition Software Suppliers

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), is a sophisticated technology that interprets vehicle license plates using image processing. In certain instances, these images are obtained through cameras specifically engineered for this purpose. Alternatively, the interpretation of license plates is conducted via software operating on cloud platforms.

Diverse Applications of ALPR Software

The utility of Automatic License Plate Recognition is extensive and varied. It is commonly employed by police forces and security agencies for the identification of specific vehicles, and it also plays a pivotal role in the collection of electronic tolls on roads where charges are based on usage. Additionally, ALPR is instrumental in managing parking in various settings like hotels, commercial parking areas, and retail facilities, particularly where parking is subject to time constraints. In specific scenarios, ALPR software also functions as a control system, enabling the access of authorized vehicles in secure areas such as gated communities and private parking lots.

Assessment of ALPR Software Providers

For those considering the acquisition of automatic license plate recognition software, the market offers a substantial number of providers. Yet, not all providers of this technology are equal in capability. Selecting an appropriate provider is crucial, as the efficacy of plate recognition forms the basis for subsequent operational decisions. For instance, incorrect plate recognition by an ALPR system could result in incorrect billing or access denial in residential communities. Bearing this in mind, this editorial aims to provide an exhaustive evaluation of several renowned ALPR software providers.

Criteria for Evaluating ALPR Software Providers Included

PRICING: Assessing the costs of different ALPR software vendors is crucial in determining the most financially viable and appropriate option for a customer’s specific needs.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Certain ANPR systems are restricted to functioning only within the vendor’s own hardware or software ecosystems. Ideally, a license plate recognition software should be versatile enough to operate with any hardware setup. For example, a parking facility may have existing security cameras and may seek to integrate license plate recognition capabilities. In such cases, a vendor limited to specific camera types would be unsuitable.

SUPPORT FOR DEVELOPERS: The availability of comprehensive documentation and robust technical support is essential for engineers tasked with implementing automatic license plate recognition software. Adequate support ensures that developers can effectively and efficiently integrate ANPR solutions.

FREE TRIAL OFFERING: The top ALPR software vendors are confident in their offerings and often provide trials of their products. This enables potential users to test the software in their own operational environments and assess its suitability before committing to a purchase.

DATA ACCURACY: Given the varied operational conditions such as low light, angled vehicle positioning, or blurred images, evaluating a vendor’s ability to accurately recognize license plates is critical. For countries where motorcycles have dual-line number plates, it’s essential that the ALPR software can accommodate such formats. Reviewing available online data to ascertain the software’s effectiveness in specific scenarios is recommended.

We utilized a star rating system to assess each vendor, with more stars indicating a higher level of performance. The absence of a star signifies that the service or information is not provided by the vendor.

Analysis of Leading ALPR Software Vendors

We selected five ALPR vendors varying in size, scope, and international market presence for our evaluation.


OpenALPR, an enterprise rooted in open-source license plate reading technology, was acquired by Novume Solutions in March 2019. Novume focuses predominantly on state and federal government sectors, emphasizing public safety, risk management, and workforce solutions.

In our assessment, OpenALPR demonstrated impressive performance across several categories. The software is versatile, compatible with a wide array of cameras across different environments. Pricing information is provided by the company, but it is noted that the costs, particularly $1,000 per camera for its ALPR SDK, are on the higher side.

From a developer’s perspective, the software, written in C++ and offering bindings in various languages including C#, Java, Node.js, and Python, facilitates light analytics of the collected data. The system’s user-friendly dashboard makes it suitable for both technical and non-technical users. OpenALPR offers a 14-day free trial and hosts various online resources, such as benchmark plate images and testing tools.

However, the adaptability of OpenALPR is somewhat constrained as certain products necessitate the installation of Nvidia packages for GPU acceleration. Customer support accessibility was an issue, with delayed responses to inquiries.

OpenALPR’s Ratings

  • Pricing: *
  • Works in All Environments: *****
  • Developer Support: ***
  • Free Trial: ***
  • Data Accuracy: ****

Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solutions, established by former law enforcement professionals, is a prominent company specializing in video surveillance and management. Its wide range of products includes facial recognition, automatic license plate recognition, crime investigation services, and wearable cameras, tailored mainly for law enforcement purposes.

Vigilant Solutions is adept at providing detailed information beyond just license plate numbers, such as driver demographics, which is crucial in certain law enforcement scenarios. However, our evaluation found that Vigilant Solutions fell short in several areas. The company lacks transparency in its pricing and restricts its product compatibility to its own systems. Developer support is minimal with no publicly available code or documentation. Furthermore, the company does not offer free trials, though demos can be requested. We also found a lack of publicly accessible data to support the accuracy claims of their license plate recognition software.

Vigilant Solutions’ Ratings

  • Pricing:
  • Works in All Environments: *
  • Developer Support: *
  • Free Trial:
  • Data Accuracy: **

Innova System Group Evaluation

Headquartered in Spain, Innova System Group has a significant presence in 16 countries, with its products predominantly utilized in urban settings for parking and traffic management. Alongside its automatic license plate recognition software, Innova System Group also markets its own range of cameras.

In our evaluation, Innova System Group did not achieve high scores based on the set criteria. The company’s website is lacking in critical information such as pricing details and API documentation or technical specifications. This absence of information poses challenges in adequately assessing both the technical aspects and cost-effectiveness of their ALPR solutions. It remains unclear how well their software performs across various environments, and the company does not offer free trials. While we could not locate extensive data sets to verify the effectiveness of their software, several case studies provide some insight into its practical applications.

However, Innova System Group stands out for its robust presence in the European market. Their license plate recognition software is integrated with several top-tier European parking automation system manufacturers, such as those for parking meters, making it a strong contender for parking enforcement solutions. For entities seeking a vendor with a deep understanding of the European market’s specifics in license plate recognition, Innova System Group is a noteworthy option.

Innova System Group’s Ratings

  • Pricing:
  • Works in All Environments: **
  • Developer Support:
  • Free Trial:
  • Data Accuracy: **

PlateSmart Technologies Assessment

PlateSmart Technologies is recognized as a leading provider of camera-agnostic and intelligent video analytic ALPR solutions. Their comprehensive suite includes ALPR analytics, a peer-to-peer data sharing platform primarily catering to law enforcement for identifying vehicles of interest, and software for parking enforcement. PlateSmart stands as a more seasoned entity in comparison to its competitors in the field.

The company presents a well-rounded array of products, and their website is a rich resource of information pertaining to their core license plate recognition technologies. This includes a variety of white papers, video demonstrations, and detailed case studies.

However, during our evaluation, we found a significant gap in information crucial for vendor assessment. Details regarding pricing, API documentation, and the availability of free trials were notably absent. This lack of key information might hinder potential users who wish to thoroughly evaluate the software before making a purchase decision. Consequently, this gap in available information impacted PlateSmart’s overall rating in our assessment.

PlateSmart Technologies’ Ratings

  • Pricing:
  • Works in All Environments: *****
  • Developer Support:
  • Free Trial:
  • Data Accuracy: ***

Identifying the Optimal Provider for Automatic License Plate Recognition

Our comprehensive analysis of various ALPR providers revealed that each vendor has distinct advantages and limitations, and the most suitable choice depends on the specific requirements of the situation. For example, for robust surveillance and crime prevention solutions, Vigilant Solutions and PlateSmart emerge as compelling choices. Their advanced technology and comprehensive suite of products make them ideal for such demanding applications.

For those seeking expertise in the European market, Innova Systems stands out as a top contender. Their deep understanding of the European landscape for license plate recognition and strong integration with local parking enforcement systems make them a valuable partner for projects in this region.

If your project involves integrating license plate recognition into more extensive systems, such as parking management or controlled access for housing communities, then Plate Recognizer and OpenALPR offer versatile and effective solutions. Their technology is designed to seamlessly integrate into broader systems, providing a reliable and efficient ALPR service.

For those who are in the initial stages of evaluating license plate recognition technology and its suitability for their needs, Intertraff ANPR SDK presents an excellent option. Notably, Intertraff is among the few companies offering a fully functional ANPR SDK at no cost. This offering is supplemented with robust support and comprehensive documentation, ensuring a smooth start for developers. Additionally, for those with limited time or who prefer not to download software for preliminary testing, Intertraff’s online testing facility provides a convenient and quick way to assess the capabilities of their ANPR technology.

In conclusion, our aim is to assist you in navigating the selection process for the appropriate license plate recognition software provider, based on your unique requirements and constraints.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities with our Free ANPR SDK as a starting point in your journey.

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