Intertraff is a leading provider of innovative traffic camera technology, with a focus on designing and manufacturing advanced and reliable products for traffic management, surveillance, and enforcement applications. Based in Italy, Intertraff leverages cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering expertise to develop products that are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of customers worldwide.

At Intertraff, we firmly believe that reliable traffic management solutions require both hardware and software, and this distinguishes us from competitors who are solely software-oriented. Alan Kay’s statement still holds true: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware“.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we provide technical support to all our customers through a team of experienced engineers who have in-depth knowledge of our products and are dedicated to helping customers resolve any issues they may encounter.

Our mission is to enhance road safety and improve traffic management through innovative technology and software solutions. We strive to provide reliable and user-friendly products that deliver valuable insights to traffic authorities and communities, promoting a safer and more efficient transportation system.

We have ambitious goals, including improving and expanding our product offerings on a constant basis, establishing partnerships with key players in the transportation sector and making a positive impact on road safety and traffic management in communities around the world.