D-Cop is a digital camera intended for Speed, Red Light and Stop line enforcement. Key Features: > 5 Megapixel camera > Full HD Ancillary video camera for video recording > Uses radar, or loops to detect the vehicles > Monitors contemporarily 4 lanes of traffic > Detects speed, red light and stop line violations > Flash is power supplied at 12 volts and covers 4 lanes > Violations fully encrypted using DES 128 bit > Working Temp: -25°C / +60° C > IP66 rate > Violations fully encrypted using DES 128 bit > No extra cabinet required D-cop Elements The D-cop comprises of a head unit installed on a pole … Read More »

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  Copland is a MS Windows software application which provides management of violation data produced by D-Cop outstation. Copland provides the ability to download violations via LAN, WAN, Internet or wireless using a laptop computer. The violation images, video clips and data can be viewed by an Operator and if appropriate, can be passed to a ticket office system.
 All communications between Copland and D-cop are encrypted. Providing a network link is established successfully, D-cop sends the uncollected violations list to Copland. Once downloaded in the Copland, violations are sorted by site. Copland user interface is designed to have a simple operation but to clearly display all the relevant information. … Read More »

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D-cop radar base

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We are proud to announce that we have interfaced a radar sensor to our speed and red-light digital camera, D-cop. The radar determines the speed, position and lane of multiple vehicles simultaneously even in complex situations such as a five lane scenario. All kind of vehicles can be detected, tracked and classified by the radar. Both moving and stopped vehicles can be handled. The sensor has a long range and a field of view which covers five lanes of traffic. The position and speed measurement is very precise considering that our radar has been certified for speed enforcement. Intertraff radar sensor is one of the world’s smallest, high-performance 3D sensor and … Read More »

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