ANPR Engine

ANPR Engine

Key Features: > Supports 74 different countries > Takes approx 27 ms to read a plate > Reads 2 row plates > Supports Latin, Arabic and Persian license plates > No CPU/cores restriction > Supports Parallel processing and unlimited cameras > No need to install a dedicated board for high speed processing > Tutorial and programming samples in both executable and source code are included > Ready to use Demo which supports thousand of IP cameras > Hardware or Software protection available The ANPR Engine SDK is a set of software development tools that allows application developers to integrate our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR / LPR) technology in their … Read More »

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ANPR Manager

  The ANPR Manager is Windows software application developed by Intertraff, for access control, car park management and traffic monitoring purposes. As a number plate enters the field of view of the camera, the ANPR Manager performs instant recognition and creates an event log. If a dual WalzCAM is installed, the system can record a colour overview image of the vehicle and driver as the plate is captured. It can trigger other security equipment such as barriers to allow access to known vehicles or send an Email/SMS message through GPRS modem/router to inform the Police about a stolen vehicle. The ANPR Manager can also be interfaced to a radar speed … Read More »

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Plate Cloner

  Intertraff Plate Cloner Server is a software application developed for MS Window O/S. It works in conjunction with the ANPR Manager or SuperWalzCAM camera over LAN, WAN or Internet. The Plate Cloner Sever is designed for centralizing data captured by remote ANPR Manager clients machines and SuperWalzCAM Cameras.   Suppose that you have installed an ANPR Manager software license on a PC to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting your premises. By installing the Plate Cloner Server software license on a separate PC and providing that a network link is established between the Sever and the ANPR Manager PC, the latter will move to the Server the information … Read More »

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