D-cop Mobile

D-cop Mobile

Key Features: > High-resolution digital images > Multi-tracking radar, OIML certified > Multiple lane monitoring > Configuration via Wireless LAN > Visible or Infra Red illumination available > Violation Images are encrypted using DES > Battery autonomy: +12 hours > Operating temperatures -25º +65ºC > Compact ( 19 x 27 x 12 cm) and light-weight (4 kg) Intertraff inaugurates a new class of portable speed camera. CNC machined from a solid aluminum alloy and satin anodized in an array of colors to prevent scratching, D-cop is light and compact. It features an ingenious magnetically attached side door that provides quick and easy access to lens adjustment. D-cop Mobile is a … Read More »

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ANPR Engine

Key Features: > Supports 74 different countries > Takes approx 27 ms to read a plate > Reads 2 row plates > Supports Latin, Arabic and Persian license plates > No CPU/cores restriction > Supports Parallel processing and unlimited cameras > No need to install a dedicated board for high speed processing > Tutorial and programming samples in both executable and source code are included > Ready to use Demo which supports thousand of IP cameras > Hardware or Software protection available The ANPR Engine SDK is a set of software development tools that allows application developers to integrate our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR / LPR) technology in their … Read More »

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D-Cop is a digital camera intended for Speed, Red Light and Stop line enforcement. Key Features: > Megapixel camera (sensors available 5.0 MP, 12 MP & 24 MP) > Ancillary 5.0 MP video camera for video recording > Uses radar for detecting vehicles > Monitors contemporarily multiple lane of traffic > Detects speed, red light and stop line violations > Flash is power supplied at 12 volts > Violations fully encrypted using DES 128 bit > Working Temp: -25°C / +60° C > IP66 rate > No extra cabinet required D-cop Elements The D-cop comprises of a head unit installed on a pole approximately 3 meters high. No Base cabinet … Read More »

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Key Features: > Stand-alone 1.3 Megapixel camera > Mono & Colour Overview camera in the same housing > 30 FPS, uncompressed Video Format > Capturing distance: up to 30 meters > Vehicles max speed: 250 km/h > Suitable for 1 wide lane of traffic > 4 High power LEDs, Wavelength 850 nm > White LED option > 4 cores PC running Win 8.1 > 30 GB solid disk state > WI-Fi option available > Working Temp: -25°C / +60° C > IP66 rate > SDK available for system integrators This is a stand-alone, rugged, MS Windows based vehicle license plate recognition camera, which combines license plate recognizer, camera, lens, lighting, … Read More »

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ANPR Manager

  The ANPR Manager is a MS Windows software application developed by Intertraff, for access control, car park management and traffic monitoring purposes. As a number plate enters the field of view of the camera, the ANPR Manager performs instant recognition and creates an event log. If a dual WalzCAM is installed, the system records a colour overview image of the vehicle and driver as the plate is captured. It can trigger other security equipment such as barriers to allow access to known vehicles or send an Email through GPRS router to inform the Police about a stolen vehicle. The ANPR Manager database holds a list of number plates, and … Read More »

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Plate Cloner

  Intertraff Plate Cloner is a software application developed for MS Windows O/S, which requires the ANPR Manager to work. Plate Cloner is designed for centralizing data captured by either ANPR Manager client machines or SuperWalzCAM Cameras where the ANPR Manager has been pre-installed.   Suppose that you have installed an ANPR Manager software license on your PC to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting your premises. By installing Plate Cloner on a separate PC and provided that a network link is in place between the Plate Cloner and the ANPR Manager PC, the latter will move to the Plate Cloner PC in real time the information captured. Moreover, … Read More »

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  Copland is a MS Windows software application which provides management of violation data captured by the D-Cop. Copland provides the ability to download violations via LAN, WAN, Internet or wireless using a laptop computer. The violation images, video clips and data can be viewed by an Operator and if appropriate, can be passed to a ticket office system.
 All communications between Copland and D-cop are encrypted. Providing that a network link is established successfully, D-cop sends the uncollected violations list to Copland. Once downloaded in the Copland, violations are sorted by site. Copland user interface is designed to have a simple operation but to clearly display all the relevant … Read More »

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Speed and Red Light cams

Intertraff is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality digital traffic enforcement products along with back office processing solutions. Intertraff has been implementing successful traffic enforcement programs since 1998, strengthening its market position by sharing with customers its vast industry experience. It is one of the largest Red Light camera providers in Italy with installations in Middle East, South Africa and USA. Intertraff’s innovative approach to finding technologically advanced solutions allows us to deliver superior programs which provide significant improvements in road safety. Fundamental to this success is a strong commitment to customer service combined with high prosecution levels and positive enforcement outcomes. Intertraff D-cop™ system is a world leading … Read More »

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