Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy
To process a request for a return, distributors must first obtain a corresponding Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number from Italtraff, by contacting Italtraff Technical Support Team by email and providing the product serial number and the description of the product malfunctioning or return reason.
The RMA number is valid for a period of thirty days from the date issued. Italtraff will not accept any returns unless accompanied by a valid RMA number, and all freight collect returns will result in the return of the entire shipment, even if a portion of it has a valid RMA number, to the distributor, at the distributor’s sole cost.
Distributors shall ship the product, together with a valid RMA number to Italtraff, at distributor’s sole cost and expense. Protecting the value of returned products by packaging and shipping them correctly is the sender’s responsibility. Italtraff reserves the right to deny warranty coverage for any damage caused by improper packaging.
Distributors may check the status of pending replacements or returns only by contacting Italtraff and referencing the valid RMA number.
Italtraff reserves the right to inspect and test all products before issuing replacements and to elect, in Italtraff’s sole discretion, whether process an RMA or reject the RMA. Italtraff will use best efforts to notify the distributor in the event it rejects a RMA due to product be Out of Warranty, Voided warranty or in case of replacements if they are no longer available. Italtraff will use best efforts to process all the RMA requests promptly upon acceptance of the shipment to its office.

RMA Steps
1. Issue qualification with support team
2. RMA qualification form containing diagnosis report and shipping information is provided by Italtraff
4. RMA shipped by customer
5. RMA received by Italtraff
6. Problem diagnosed and repaired by Italtraff
7. Resolution report provided by Italtraff
8. RMA returned to customer
9. Issue resolved